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it all started when...

Studio owner/Instructor Kelton Coverdale stumbled upon Pilates in 2000 while dancing here in Wilmington, NC. Pilates came and went in her life for the next 7 years, during which time she experienced the worst of her back injuries from her dancing practice. She committed to a daily hour long mat practice for 30 days. The change was incredible, noticeable not only to herself, but by instructors and peers. "My concept of body awareness was forever changed, there was a whole world hiding within my movement that I had never understood before." From that point on, Pilates has remained a constant in her life. She has been a participant in a research study conducted at Appalachian State University regarding Pilates and its effects on body awareness. She worked closely with new instructors being groomed for acquiring their certification, and it was then that the idea blossomed that one day, she too wished to instruct others and share the gift of Pilates.

She completed her training to become an instructor herself following the birth of her son in 2010. "I had to relearn a foreign body postpartum, and my old ways of moving no longer felt the same, so it was like learning the method all over again." She has taught locally for the last 7 years and has finally delivered Centered, her newest baby, to the Wilmington Community. 

Kelton has a deep passion for the Pilates method. Her understanding of body mechanics, and instruction techniques are furthered through continuing education and personal practice, "I am  constantly learning, growing, and striving to give my clients the very BEST I can offer." Her teaching and education are heavily rooted in the authentic and classical methods of Pilates. She offers privates, group equipment classes, and mat classes. She believes in keeping humor and enjoyment at the forefront of her time with clients. "I aim to make you laugh, sweat, and challenge yourself with every visit." She invites you to come strengthen, and align yourself at Centered Pilates Studio!


Nicole completed her training in 2009 through the In Balance Certification in Wilmington, North Carolina. The certification included 220 hours of practical work, observation, and apprenticeship on the work and equipment of Joseph Pilates.  Since then she has logged more than 3000 hours of teaching.  

In 2002, Nicole began a six year daily personal practice when she was gifted a set of Pilates DVD's by her mother in order to stay in shape while combating agoraphobia. In 2008, she took her first in traditional mat Pilates class in studio and was amazed at how different and challenging it was. Nicole immediately noticed and appreciated the emphasis on breath work and mindful movement that she'd previously experienced through practicing yoga. Her instructor, friend, and mentor, Jenny McGaha, inspired her to complete her Pilates teacher training in the spring of 2009 and every day since has been a wonderful roller coaster ride. Teaching brings her great joy, especially so when seeing her clients improve their strength and flexibility with each session. Pilates has helped improve all aspects of Nicole's life from relieving low back pain to awakening a constant mindfulness of her posture and even enhance her yoga practice and overall confidence. She wishes to spread her love and joy for Pilates and life to everyone.