CENTERED Pilates Studio - Wilmington, NC


Welcome to Centered Pilates Studio! We are an airy classical Pilates studio specializing in private sessions, group equipment, and group mat classes.  We believe in all encompassing health with humor and enjoyment valued above all.

It is our belief that Pilates is a practice that can be of tremendous value to anyone. Whether you are fine tuning your physical prowess, seeking to enlighten yourself and refine your body awareness, or trying to find your way back from an injury or major surgery, Pilates can be for you. Every session is catered to your needs, developed, and refined as instructor and client grow with one another. 

Pilates is rediscovering ways the body can move. It's about finding an ability to align, control motion, and power it from your core. All too often in our society, we spend long days in chairs or standing without respecting our posture, disconnecting from our bodies and minds. We seek to revive you from the inside out and offer you energy and strength for support. We strive to end every session with you feeling centered, strong, and accomplished. It would be our honor and pleasure to get to work with your unique body and goals!